SEO benefits of redirecting from 'other domains'

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My company manufactures certain products that are en vogue due to
european and domestic legistlation making this type of product all but a
requirement for certain types of business. [Sorry for being cryptic, but
I don't want to give too much detail at this stage for reasons I can't
go into.]

A few years ago, in anticipation of this 'requirement', someone in the
company decided to buy up a few domains related to the [scheme
concerning this] legislation, and currently these domains simply
redirect to a particular page on our site.

Given that we rank well (the top supplier of compliant products) for
these terms anyway, I am of the opinion that these domains offer nothing
to us.

I do wonder if we created real sites, with their own
contextually-appropriate content but linking back to our, that it might
be conceivably be of some sort of benefit.

My question is, given that we rank well in most SEs for these search
terms, is there generally any benefit to these redirecting domains? Is
there likely to be any greater benefit if we created sites with
appropriate content and links back to the main site? Could there be any
SEO downside to the current situation?

My colleague is fearful that, if we abandon these domains, someone else
will pick them up and steal all our custom!

Clearly, having keywords in your domain name can be of benefit, and I
know that in previous years that some people applied this approach, but
I thought that this approach was somewhat frowned upon and of dubious

Thanks in advance.


Re: SEO benefits of redirecting from 'other domains'

CJM wrote:
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No SEO benefit, but you may pick up a few additional visitors.

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Yes, absolutely. As long as you don't duplicate any content on the main

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Very likely.

Custom what?


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