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I have made an artists web site.  index then about 8 main pages each
with 8 pages ( paintings ) going off from them.

How would/does ie google sort my pages. I mean would I have a better
chance of a good ranking by  trying to have 70 different lots of
keywords or would it count my site as a whole in which case I would be
better trying to limit keywords but multiply them by number of pages
rather than diluting them? or would each page then be fighting againt
each other?

 thanks for reading this


Re: seo advice please

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Provide textual content with *each* page that is on topic for that page.
Google looks at each page. Avoid just inserting keywords in each page and
hoping you will get anywhere (you won't). So in short you don't have 70
keywords, you have 8 "main pages" each with 8 pages. Each which should
have some content.

John Bokma                            

Re: seo advice please

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It is meaningless to add keywords if there isn't any actual content
related to it. Not only that, you can also get penalized, Search
Engines are smarter than that.

But you do have content, i.e. paintings.
To start with, you could provide an alt tag to each of them describing
the image.

And yes, Google will index your site as a whole. but one of the things
that are not advisable is to have duplicated content.

Kind Regards, - Internet Solutions

Re: seo advice please

Thanks guys for the answers sort of re-inforced what I knew. Site is
live 2 months now and getting indexed bit by bit I'm just trying to
fine tune and up rankings.

      thanks for your time
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