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Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

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Nobody in this thread, so far, has "tons" of extensions. Amateurs.

My list is:

     A9 SiteInfo 1.0
     Aardvark 1.1
     Adblock Plus
     Add Bookmark Here 0.5.5
     Allow Right-Click 0.4
     amazonteleporter 0.1
     Autofill 0.3
     Back to Top 3.2
     Backgroundimage Saver 0.1
     BugMeNot 1.3
     Check All 0.2.1
     Closy 1.4.0
     cmSiteNavigation Toolbar 0.7
     Colour Contrast Analyser 0.31
     Compact Library Extension Organizer (CLEO) 1.0
     Context Search 0.2.1
     Copy Plain Text 0.3.2
     Copy URL + 1.3.2
     CustomizeGoogle 0.49
     Digger 1.0
     Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0.1
     DOM Inspector
     Download Manager Tweak 0.7.1
     dragdropupload 1.5.15
     Dublin Core Viewer 0.2
     Duplicate Tab 0.8.1
     easyGestures 3.3
     Ext2Abc 0.5
     Extended Link Properties 1.2.3
     Fangs 1.0.0
     Firefox Extension Backup Extension (FEBE) 3.0
     FireFoxMenuButtons 1.5.3
     FirefoxView 0.31.3
     FLST 0.8.5
     Forecastfox 0.9.3
     FormFox 1.6
     FxIF 0.2.1
     GeoURL 0.4
     gmif 4.0
     Html Validator
     httProxy 0.8.6
     IE Tab
     IE View 1.2.9
     Image Toolbar 0.6.3
     InfoLister 0.9e
     InstallTimeOut 0.0.2
     lget 0.2
     Long Titles 1.2.3
     Longdesc 0.3
     MeasureIt 0.3.5
     Menu Editor 1.2
     Morning Coffee 1.1
     Mozilla Accessibility Extension
     Mozilla Calendar
     Named anchors 0.2.1
     oldfindtextarea 0.1
     Ook? Video Ook! 0.5.1
     Open Long Url 0.2.2
     OpenURL Referrer 2.1
     OperaView 0.5
     OPML Support 1.2
     Options Menu 1.1
     PageStyle2Tab 0.7.2
     Paragrasp 1.32
     Paste and Go 0.4.3
     PDF Download 0.7.4
     Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic 1.2
     Plain Text Links 0.2
     Print/Print Preview 0.2
     Reliby 1.1.0
     ReloadEvery 1.5.1
     repagination 2006.4.4
     Restart Firefox 0.3
     RichScrollbar 0.0.2
     RSS validator 0.2
     Sage 1.3.6
     Scribe 0.21
     Search Button 0.4.10
     Search Engine Ordering 0.9.6
     Searchbar Autosizer 1.1
     SearchPluginHacks 0.1.3
     SEO Tools 1.0
     Server Switcher 0.2b
     SessionSaver .2
     ShowIP 0.8.02
     smart-cursor 0.2
     SpellBound Development
     Split Screen 1.0
     Streetmap 1.01
     Style Sheet Chooser II
     Stylish 0.3.2
     Sun Cult 1.0.20060419
     Tab Saver! 1.1
     Tab URL Copier
     Table2Clipboard 0.0.2
     TableTools 0.16
     Tabs Menu 0.8
     Tails Export 0.2.5
     TAW3 en un clic 0.9.4
     Text size toolbar 0.4.1
     TinyUrl Creator 1.0.1
     Total Validator 2.2
     TryAgain 1.2
     undoclosetab 20051204
     UnPlug 1.4.1
     Update Bookmark 0.0.4
     Update Notifier 0.1.4
     User Agent Switcher 0.6.8
     View formatted source
     View Source Chart 2.0.02
     ViewMyCurrency 0.38
     ViewSourceWith 0.0.8
     Wayback 0.2.3
     Web Developer 1.0.2
     whois 0.5
     Word Count 0.4
     Work Offline 1.2
     X-Ray 0.6
     Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool 1.2

Andy Mabbett
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Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

Andy Mabbett wrote

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This "amateur" wrote his own whois script!

Charles Sweeney

Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

Suddenly, without warning, Andy Mabbett exclaimed (24-Aug-06 4:01 AM):
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Holy Extensions Batman!  Do you have the miniaturization bug?

Are there any extensions you *don't* have?

I am truly impressed.


Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

MGW wrote:
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Sorry. ... I thought "anyone" meant anyone.

My point is that I read that newsgroup and I've never seen nor heard of
this before. I'd be interested to hear what the support gurus there have
to say.

Btw, I'm still using Firefox 1.0.7, as I got sick of the Firefox
update/extension hassles. Could this only be happening in Firefox 1.5?

 Chuck Anderson Boulder, CO

Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

MGW wrote:
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This has happened to me a few times too! I thought it was just me :D

Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior

MGW wrote:

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Well it does it, but it's hardly on the scale of "trouble".

IMHE, it happens whenever I restart FF after it has crashed or frozen
so that I killed it manually.

I also have a weird problem where on my aged laptop with 256MB limited
memory, FF is a real memory hog that grabs 200+MB of memory and doesn't
release it. On the desktop with 2GB it sits quite happily around 100MB
and never grows far beyond this. Same FF versions.

Re: (Semi OT) Weird FireFox behavior


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That's odd.  I never have it happen on start up.  Or, to be more
precise, if I had the "disappear to 1 pixel" happen and needed to
maximize, then the next time I start up it's at a very small size that
still shows scroll bars and enough acreage for me to manage to resize
it (certainly an improvement over the prior situation.)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

IIRC, their FAQ has a section on the memory hog issue.  I don't
remember all the suggestions, but there were a few.

MGW (Note: my Hotmail address is seldom checked)
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