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Hi folks,

The company I work for has offices in two locations, and managing our
business contacts is starting to become a nightmare. Ideally I would
like to be able to store all of the contacts in a central place that
both our offices could access, edit and add contacts to.

Ideally, we would like to store names, company addresses, phone numbers
and email addresses, as well as perhaps notes about that person - eg.
who contacted them last and when. I wouldn't want to store any personal

We are soon to have our own remotely located server, so that would seem
like the ideal place to keep such a database (if it isn't, please
correct me!) Is there anything off-the-shelf that could work for us? We
will be running a Windows-based server, so anything that will run in
Windows would be great.

Any ideas/suggestions/flames/nits to pick?

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Re: Semi-OT: Managing Contacts

Dylan Parry wrote:
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Goldmine is pretty popular.  And if you're already using Office 2003, Microsoft
has a business contact manager update for Outlook.

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Re: Semi-OT: Managing Contacts

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I'm told (by some I think is knowledgeable on the subject) that Goldmine is
a nightmare, and as such it was immediately discounted in our recent search
for a CRM.

We shortlisted down to 2 candidates: Maximizer & ProspectSoft - both were in
the 5k-10k bracket for our needs.

However, if your needs are generic enough you might like to try:


[Sorry for the lack of linquage, but it's Friday afternoon and I'm off

Other (paid) alternatives are Microsoft CRM and  ACT!.

All these are full CRMs, which might be a bit over-spec'ed in Dylan's case,
in which case, I'd browse Sourceforge for simpler alternatives.


Re: Semi-OT: Managing Contacts

On Fri, 19 May 2006 11:58:22 +0100, Dylan Parry

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Lotus Notes.


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