Selling pdf books online?

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I've written a few books on various topics and would like to offer them for sale
online on my web site.  All of the sites I've checked are too high priced for
the modest number I expect to sell. They all come in around $30 per month.
(yeah, maybe I'm a bit cheap) /

Is there a decent priced service anyone can recommend or an addon to my site
that will allow purchase and immediate deleivery?


Re: Selling pdf books online?

Jannette wrote:

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There should be a lot of existing scripts that would facilitate this
type of order verified = download once for that IP that ordered.  Using
sessions that will be removed after the download, etc.  If not, it
would be pretty easy to do something like that.  I know nothing of the
sites you've mentioned, but if you use paypal or have a merchant
account, this would be very easy to accomplish and I'm certain there
must be existing cart scripts for this sort of thing, though I admit I
don't know of any off hand, since I usually roll out my own
scripts/software if I need something simple like this.
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Re: Selling pdf books online?

Jannette wrote:
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Or use something like PayPal with a script like Linklok /


Re: Selling pdf books online?

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Not a service, more of an addon: /

A fair bit cheaper than $30.00/month! you need mysql, php, etc.. to use it. (most
ISP's have that)

If you want to code up your own solution, I also provide this: /

It's a paypal support class. (for making your own IPN handlers)

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