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I company is asking to buy a domain I own, it is pretty specific,
probably not valuable in itself (not like and I think we
will agree to a price.

Anyway, they are in a different country and though I don't have any
reason to distrust them, I am wonder if there is an escrow service -
either for the cash or the domain ? that you would recommend. How
would you do it?

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Re: Selling Domain - Escrow

Eric Frost scribed:

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It depends on the country. Some countries, e.g., Japan, not only have no
provision for an escrow, the concept is alien to the ordinary conduct of
business. There's at least one alternative solution...the irrevocable letter
of credit, which becomes convertible to cash upon proof of transfer of
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: Selling Domain - Escrow

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Yes, is standard for these sorts of transactions. I used
them and they work as advertised.


Re: Selling Domain - Escrow,

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Don't complicate things. Unless they ask for escrow I wouldn't offer it.
Just tell them to send the money and then you'll transfer the domain as
soon as the money is deposited in your account. You can write up a
contract if they want one.


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