Seasonal variations

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Anyone care to confirm/deny the suspicion currently active that web
site access drops during the summer months of June/July and peaks
during the winter?

It certainly does at our site.


Re: Seasonal variations

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My sites average a third more traffic in all warmer months. They are
outdoor related.

Tom J

Re: Seasonal variations

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For my restaurant ordering sites I find that activity goes up during the
summer months, in some cases 300-500%

Mostly I attribute this to people not wanting to necessarily head out of the
office during the bad weather months and during the summer months people are
more laid back and relaxed and more into eating out for lunch or their
significant other isn't waking up every day to send the kids to school and
so doesn't have a big breakfast ready or has packed a lunch for them to take
with them.

But, when it comes to the general surfing of the internet for information
and cool sites and all that... I think it does become a case where people
spend time online as they have it...

During the winter months people are more into staying at home than going out
when its cold, wet and either raining or snowing outside... but during the
summer months there are so many more things you can do to pass the time...
not just going out to see more stuff and more stuff being available (ie:
better movies during the summer, more shows being put on, big city-wide
events going on, etc) but also all that free outdoors stuff people can do
like hiking, swimming, sitting at the beach, going for a walk, playing golf,

Re: Seasonal variations

Matt Probert wrote

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I can confirm that.  I think this happens with many businesses in general
at holiday times.  Perhaps more so in the Summer for us, because people are
out and about, and not sitting at their computers!

Charles Sweeney

Re: Seasonal variations

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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me too

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