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My wife is authoring a book.  I am helping her start a home page for her
business.  There are a million hosts out there.  Any suggestions on how to
shop? I'm looking at and it seems to be a pretty good way
to go, but I'm not sure how to confirm this.  I also do not own FrontPage
s/w.  I used to do my own html long ago, but I need to make this quick. Any
suggestions on acquiring a good composer. I plan on doing this through

startlogic host:
5 Gigs - probably plenty
100 Gig web traffic transfer - probably good?
$7.50 per month - price seems affordable enough.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Re: Searching for a Web host

Shayne wrote:
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Are you going to have enough files to fill a 5GB disk?  Unless you're
going to have a lot of graphics, you'll be hard pressed to break 100Mb.
  I'd say get 250MB to start.  You can always upgrade.

As for traffic - any idea how much 100GB is?  Again - way more than
you'll ever use - probably in a year.  I'd be very surprised if you come
close to 5GB/mo.

Start out small and watch your figures.  Expand disk space and bandwidth
as needed.

As to good/bad hosts - check out the forums on .

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Re: Searching for a Web host

Thanks for the website.  It was very helpful.

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Re: Searching for a Web host

Shayne wrote

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Yes, you're right, there are a million hosts out there, and getting the
right one can be tricky.

To my mind, the less you read about a host, the better.  When I had
identified some candidates, I did a search on Google for their name.  
You will soon see if there's a lot of issues with them if there's lots
of forum posts etc.  If there isn't much discussion about them, there's
a fair chance they just get on with their business without many
incidents. is worth looking at.  Not so much for a
recommendation, it tends to be faddy, but you will certainly know if a
host is bad!

You MUST do this:  Email the host, and ask them some questions that are
important to you.  Their reply, and time taken to reply, and the way
they address you as a prospective customer, will tell you a lot about

Ask them why you should host with them.  Most will tell you about how
reliable they are, and hit you with a lot of stuff about their network.  
For me, a winning host answers this question by telling me they will
look after the customer, and his site.  Any mention of the customer is a
good sign, it shows they have the correct mindset.  Most hosts are geeks
with little concept of customer relations.

Is your wife selling the book?  If so, you might be better doing so
through ebay, that way you don't need a host or a site!

Even doing it yourself, one page of HTML text and a Paypal "Buy it now"
button is all you need.  I've been selling some Autocad software this
way for nearly five years.  You get the button code from Paypal (or
whoever you are using) and simply paste it into your page.

Most people here will tell you about "valid" HTMl and CSS, doctypes and
the like.  This has the effect of making the process look complicated.  
These things have their uses, but you do not need them to sell!  You can
make some simple pages using, simple HTML, then get into the other stuff
at a later date if you are minded to do so.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Searching for a Web host

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Besides searching the WHT forums, Google with the host name.  Don't forget
to use the "news" link to find mentions on usenet.

Two words of advice: DO read all the fine print.  DON'T pay more than one
month's hosting in advance until you've seen how they handle problems that

If you're new to webmastering, phone support will occasionally be important.
A couple years back I called on behalf of a client, and was
impressed with their phone support.  They're connected with Affinity Host,
which is a well established outfit.  But if you need a database, Hostsave
doesn't allow them.

I've had an account with OLM for years.  Can't say I've been 100% satisfied,
and they don't have CPanel, but they do have good phone support.  Another
advantage for OLM is a Topica email list populated by some very skilled


Re: Searching for a Web host

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All good advice - may I add ... the Beer factor is important.  Your host  
is running a business, you are running a business - how did it go when you  
met?  Folk who have shared a moment at the bar usually find it quite easy  
to communicate without b*llsh*t.

Finally, all hosts have problems from time to time.  Sometimes you can't  
identify a good host till they handle an outage.  It's not what happens  
[that is the big worry], it's what happens next.

William Tasso

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