Searching for a simple thumbnail script

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I've a simple cgi script running which allows users to upload images into a
folder. Periodically I  go through and choose the images which are most
suitable and publish them on my site.

When a user uploads an image he is then allowed access to the index page.
This assures him that his image has uploaded correctly and also a chance to
view images uploaded by other uses. Kinda like getting entry into a cutting
The upload page is at

This system has worked fine for 5 years. But in the last few months users
have started to upload increasing amounts of X-rated porn. To delete the
porn I download the folder, then search through and write down the names of
the porn images and then delete the porn using ftp. It's a slow laborious

Does anyone know of a script that would create thumbnails on the fly then
allow me to click on the images that I wish to delete. Or highligh, then
click delete?

I searched but can't find anything that would be suitable. I
have php disabled using .htaccess in the image folder to prevent users from
uploading malicious scripts.

TIA if anyone has any ideas.


Kerry Whitfield

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