Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

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"Search engines extract too much of the Web's value, leaving too
little for the websites that actually create the content. Liberation
from search dependency is a strategic imperative for both websites and
software vendors."

Full story by Jakob Nielsen here:


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Re: Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

Fleeing from the madness of the The Probert Encyclopaedia jungle
and said:

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ouch - that one's so hot it sizzles :)

<q>search engines: they can double their income by doing nothing. Just sit  
and wait for all other websites to improve -- then skim off the increased  

look at the funny man daddy - where are his clothes?

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Re: Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

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But ... here's a really COOL search engine!

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Re: Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 20:28:06 -0000, "William Tasso"

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"My book was _really_ ugly, but that was because
someone else designed it. Don't blame me"

"My website is ugly, but it's your fault for not appreciating it"

So assuming that Nielsen _does_ wear clothes (and your small child may
be right here), what would he wear ?   Loon pants?

Re: Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

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 From an email list where I already saw the same reference:

 >And this is where PPC comes to play - number of places in Top X is
 >limited and there are only so many advertisers who would fight to the
 >death (of profit margins) to stay in the game. The real issue is that
 >Google no longer has incentive to have the best possible natural search
 >results - paradox of the situation is that they ought to be seeing
 >influx of advertisers from companies that lost out after index update.
The problem with this argument is that it's assuming you use PPC to get
your traffic. If you actually have a properly designed search-engine
friendly site with relevant content then you're a good way there to
getting top of the listings for free rather than paying to be in the
advertising areas.

I have long argued website usability, articles here /

Part of having usable site is that not only is it usable for Real
People, it's also usable for search engine spiders. So, with no
marketing spend whatsoever my sites are:

#1 in for Spam Petition (launched a few weeks ago) out of 1M+
#1 - #4 in for broken link preventor (launched in December)
#2 for Scottish Weddings (2M+ matches)
#4 for Jobserve (1-3 are Jobserve itself)
#3 for S1Jobs (Winners of the 2004 Scottish Marketing awards)
#2 for browser testing (40 million+ matching pages)
and an old site is #6 for "spam filter" (21+ million matches), a highly
sought after area for advertising on Google.

And I'm not an SEO consultant or sell SEO services.

The comments are especially ironic from Jakob Nielsen who said about
websites back in 1997:
Search should be easily available from every single page
Search is one of the most important user interface elements in any large
The search-dominant users will usually go straight for the search button
when they enter a website

and he has a search on all his pages (naturally)

That being the case, is it really much of a surprise when people use a
search engine to search your site (especially with the site: command)
rather than using the in-house search which probably isn't as reliable ?

One side effect of competition in Google for the best results, is that
hopefully we will see better designed and more usable sites in order to
gain higher SEO placement. Indeed I've written to Google suggesting that
they go even further and rank pages on accessibility (e.g. does the web
page validate; do the images all have ALT attributes, etc)


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Re: Search Engines as Leeches on the Web

And lo, Craig Cockburn didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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I don't want to plug my own efforts but... aw hell, yesh I do :)



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