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We all know by now that content is king. In order to effectively
market your products or services and to establish yourself as a leader
in your industry, writing and distributing articles is the way to go.
One of the primary benefits of getting your content rich articles
indexed in the search engines is so that you can increase your
websites' overall PageRank, while continuing to build exposure for
your company.

Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction:

Add popular keyword phrases in your article- When writing your
article, make sure to include popular keyword phrases in your
headline, subheads and summary of your article. Make sure your site
uses these words too. Placing these keywords and search terms may help
prospects and the press identify your article when they run a search
in the major news feeds.

Include your website link - Whether it is in the author's byline or in
the body of the article, if you are going to write an article, make
sure to include your website link within the article. This is the best
way to get inbound links from other websites, without having to return
the favor.

Submit to PRWeb and other newswires - Journalists increasingly rely on
major search engines for their research. In order to get your press
release found, indexed and ranked, you may want to consider submitting
to an article distribution service like PR Web. PR Web sends press
releases to major news search engines, including Google News and Yahoo
News. Press releases distributed through PR Web are optimized for
maximum organic search engine inclusion. Search engines can then crawl
naturally and efficiently to index your press release.

Additional article distribution services:

Identify the best websites for your article - After optimizing your
article, identify which websites to submit your article to. There are
hundreds, if not thousands of publishers that are looking for quality
content to publish. It is best to find high traffic websites that have
the target audience you are looking for. To find these sites, simply
perform a search in Google by placing relevant terms like "article
submission" or "article directory" in the search box. For instance, if
you are writing a self-help article, type the term "self-help
articles" and target the websites that are on the first few pages of
the search engine.

Article announcement lists - Announcement Lists are newsletters,
groups or ezines, which allow you to "announce" your new articles to
thousands of editors and publishers instantly. Most of these
announcement lists are sent out daily to their subscribers. This means
that you can have your article circulating to key editors and
publishers within hours of completion.

Here are a few Article Announcement Lists that may distribute your
article: / / /

Become a contributing writer - If you are you an accomplished or
aspiring writer with something to contribute, you might consider
becoming a contributing writer for an online community. Typically, you
do not get paid for your work but the amount of exposure you get is
invaluable. You also get credit for your article including a free link
to your email address and your website!

Here are a few good web properties to consider writing for:

In sum, writing and distributing articles is one of the most promising
ways to boost your site's ranking in the search engines. In the
process, you also benefit from building quality links to your site,
gaining an editorial following and most importantly, sharing your
knowledge with the rest of the world!

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