search engine listing mystery?

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I have a search engine mystery..  and am hoping you can shed some light
on what might have happening...

after reading here that it can take Google and some of the other seach
engine months to index a site, I decided to submit my sight to them..  I
did it on Friday before I went away for the weekend, and, amazingly, I
found I was already indexed and findable on Monday when I tried it after
  I got home..

and, in a weird twist, it seems that I was indexed by google before
April 29.. because an earlier version of my site is coming up as the
number one site found..

I basically have my own site plus two subsidary sites on my own personal
home page..  one is for a folk music club I'm involved with, and one is
for a War Resisters' Support Group I'm involved with..

at first I had all the files in one folder, but eventually it drove me
nuts and on the 29th I created a directory structure which put each
group's site in its own folder...

google somehow found the whole thing virtually before I told anyone
about it..  I'd enjoy some speculation on how that happened..  Several
other people have mentioned our folk group on their sites, but as far as
I know, no-one has linked to us yet because I've not really announced
the url to them..  I've been waiting until I got a domain name and found
a commercial host..

can I just write a page with nothing on it but a link to redirect people
to the correct place for now.?


Re: search engine listing mystery?

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For now?
That'll work ;)

w a l s t i b
what a long, strange trip it's been

Re: search engine listing mystery?

Helen Martin wrote:

I've just had the exact same thing happen on a brand new site which I know
for a fact has no links pointing back to it....
I'm not complaining.....Just bewildered...How did they find it?...Are
nominet submitting domain names to Google for indexing?.....


Re: search engine listing mystery?

Helen Martin wrote:
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Are you (or someone who may have accessed your site) using Google Toolbar?

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