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Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying different inbound link creation services and most
of them are a rip off. Does anyone know a company out there that does
this (from first hand experience) or can you recommend one?


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Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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How do you do?

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This 'service' is highly personal and cannot be effectively commoditised.

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If you can afford him and if he feels comfortable working in your  
industry, Eric Jarvis (batchelor of this parish) is the best in the biz.

William Tasso

Re: Search engine inbound links

William Tasso wrote in <op.tck8qwagm9g4qz->:
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I wouldn't say I'm that good. At least not if I step too far outside my
fields of expertise. On the other hand where I know the field I'm pretty
confident I can do a decent job, especially if it's for a company that
operates internationally.

Currently my health is still somewhat iffy, but I might be able to take on
a part time contract if it's for a type of business that interests me and
for a reasonable rate.

Reply to should work.

Developing good inbound links is not quick and therefore not cheap. You
get what you pay for. You can blast out off the peg reciprocal link
requests for months and get absolutely nowhere. If you tailor each request
precisely you'll get a better acceptance rate and more benefit from the
links, but it will only be possible to send out a fairly small number of
requests per day.

Ideally you'll also need to make adaptations to your site to make it
possible to get some benefit from reciprocal links as well as making the
best of inbound links. What counts is matching the link text with the main
keywords on both sites. That may mean adapting the way the site content is
split up to create some pages that are slightly at a tangent to the main
thrust of the site. This is sometimes called creating doorway pages,
usually by people who don't actually know how to do it effectively. :)

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