scrollable tables

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I'm sure this one has come up before - but I haven't seen it. I've done
some searching, but no satisfactory cross-browser solution yet:

Basically, I want to build a table that is resizable and in which only
the body scrolls while the headers remain fixed.

Using <thead> and <tbody>, I can get this to work beautifully in
Firefox. Problem is - it ONLY works in firefox. See my experiments

I've seen a couple possible solutions - but not totally satisfying yet
- at and -

The first one uses a fixed width, so I'm not sure how it would adapt to
a variable width table (although I'll be taking a good look). Also, it
doesn't line up quite right in all browsers. The second seems to have a
delay, but otherwise seems OK.

I'd like to take a look at any other solutions - has anyone had any
luck with this?

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