Same computer, browser and software...different results -- Why?

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I'm having a crazy time trying to figure out wtf is happening with our
company's web-based software system (not in a cloud).  

We have a server-side Perl script that clients use to upload three
images and a submittal form. To verify the images were properly
received, we test that the filename exists on the server and that its
size is the same as the submitted file size. We have been successfully
using the software for four years, without a problem. All clients are
using a custom version of Opera (12) provided by my company.  

We recently signed on two new clients, and both are experiencing the
same problems uploading images. In one case, the images are uploaded,
but verification of their receipt fails. Always.

In the other case, two different clients share the same laptop. One
has no difficulty, while the other is unable to upload images using
exactly the same system.

I'm at a loss to explain why these issues are suddenly upon us, and if
anyone has a hint of the cause(s), what can be done to resolve the

Pertinent Perl code:

$fileNameString = param('fileNameString');
@fileNameString = split(',',$fileNameString);
$fileSizeString = param('fileSizeString');
@fileSizeString = split(',',$fileSizeString);

sub uploadAndMove {
chdir $filePath or die "Can't change dir to $filePath: $!";
$numImagesReceived = 0;
$uploadErrorFlag = 0;
@uploadFiles = param('myFile0[]');
@upload_filehandles = $query->upload("myFile0[]");

for (my $i=0;$i<$imgCnt;$i++) {
$filename = $fileNameString[$i];
$filesize = $fileSizeString[$i];
$upload_filehandle = $upload_filehandles[$i];
$filename =~ s/.*[\/\](.*)/$1/;
open (UPLOADFILE, ">$filePath/$filename") or die
binmode UPLOADFILE;  
local $/ = 92;
while (<$upload_filehandle>) {
close UPLOADFILE or die "Can't Close. $!";

sub checkUpload {
$numImagesReceived = 0;
$uploadErrorFlag = 0;
foreach my $j (0 .. $imgCnt - 1) {
$filename = @fileNameString[$j];
$filesize = @fileSizeString[$j];
$serverFileSize = -s $filePath."/".$filename;
if ($filesize == $serverFileSize) {    
if (($numImagesReceived != $imgCnt)) {$uploadErrorFlag = 1;

sub showAcknowledge {
if ($uploadErrorFlag == 1) {spit out error msg}
else {log entry, send email acknowledging receipt, etc.}

TIA, for any thoughts...
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

Re: Same computer, browser and software...different results -- Why? -- More info

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I added a php upload script. Regardless of whether the files are
uploaded using Perl or php, the result is the same...files are
uploaded, but are not verified.

To confuse matters a bit more, my customer tried using a different
ISP, but still has the same issue.

Any hints at what might be the problem?
Ed Jay (remove 'M' to respond by email)

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