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I'm a young, professional woman who has done some simple freelance
webdesign in the past. Because I'm an adult survivor of childhood
abuse, my therapist and I have decided it might be fruitful for me to
create a "sex-positive" alt-porn site.  Nothing for profit-- just for

But I have very severe privacy concerns about this.  In addition to
all the aforementioned childhood issues, I had a very bad stalking
experience several years ago, and the perpetrator is still out there.
Plus, even if that person never became a problem again, I dont want
anyone new, and I suspect that female webmasters of sex-positive sites
would be very prone to attract those kinds of types. So, in the end,
it's very very important to me that nobody could trace the site back
to me.  I wouldn't want the site to show up on my credit report or for
anyone to easily figure out who's "behind" the site.  So, I don't
wanna use any credit card with my name on it, a bank account with my
name on it, or give out my home phone/home address.  I guess I should
say- I'm certainly not trying to be criminal or anything, so  I'm
don't care if the police or FBI or legitimate authorities have the
ability to trace the site back to me, I want to make sure that nobody
else can find out who I am.

So, is there a way to do these things:

-Get a website without giving out my name, credit card numbers, or
phone numbers.  Giving out a PO box would be okay with me.
-Not have the website be "payment required in order to view the
site".  Banner ad support is okay.
-No go "in debt" because of bandwidth.  I'm not out to make a profit,
but I would like to roughly break even, more or less.
-Let me have some rudimentary control over what sort of content
appears on the website.  No radically anti-women ads, no ten-thousand-
popups just to view the site.
-Let me "own" the site, by which I mean, if by some one-in-a-billion-
chance it gets super popular, I would like to be able to still control
what server it's on, etc.
-PHP/MySQL would be a plus.
-Not much space needed-- no videos or anything, just pictures and

Is there any way to do all this?  Any suggestions or advice greatly

Re: Running a website anonymously

On Apr 27, 4:06 am, wrote:
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I dont want to sound rude or anything, but it sounds like a very
strange thing for a therapist to recommend! I don't have issue with
adult sites (we've worked on a few), but don't do it for the wrong
reasons. A not-for-profit adult site sounds like a curious idea, given
how much it costs to produce content... I guess I'm intrigued by your
reasoning behind this.

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Okay... I'll bite.

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I'm sorry to hear that.

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You'll need to pay for the service somehow. If not by credit card,
bank transfer. But I think you're worrying to much; you can register
and domain and run a site with NONE of your personal data ever
becoming public. Work with a host or agency who will proxy all of that
for you. We do this with the adult sites we've worked on.

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If you take reasonable precautions, there's nothing to worry about.

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How would you pay for it?

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That's easy enough.

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Again, this is a discussion you need to have with your host, but it's
easy to arrange.

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There are many ways of doing this; a control panel based site, or some
sort of template system.

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Almost all hosts purely provide a place for you to store files and a
mechanism for letting the world see those files. You OWN those files.
Just make sure you read the terms and conditions of your host.

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Hard to find hosts that do not offer this :)

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Find someone who is willing to work with you on this. We've done it
for a few adult sites, and to be honest it's no different than working
with any other client. As a host we never give out user details, other
hosts are the same (remember, read their terms and conditions). You
have to be careful finding somewhere that allows you to host adult
material, and that this material is legal in the country you are based
in. Also make sure you have legal copyright to use any images; the
host is not responsible for this and if someone complains about
copyrighted material YOU would be liable, not the host (plus the host
would probably shut down your site AND bill you for the hassle). This
side of hosting adult material you have to be a little more careful


Re: Running a website anonymously,

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Forget about it, unless you are willing to subsidize it. You can't
support a porn site with original content through banner ads, if you
also plan to be picky about the kinds of ads you'll display. If you get
the kind of traffic that makes the banner ads pay off, you'll also be
sucking up mass amounts of bandwidth .

OK, so I won't say it's totally impossible, because nearly anything is
possible. Let's just say that your chances of accomplishing your goals
are slim to none. You'd be better of applying yourself to something
else. Of course that's just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.


Re: Running a website anonymously

And lo,  didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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No qualified and self-respecting therapist would tell you to do anything  
that makes you this paranoid, based only on the hope that it "might be  

Either your therapist is not real, or you have not been entirely honest  
with him/her about your intense worry about your identity.  I would  
recommend forgetting the entire website idea and finding some alternative  
"sex-positive" activities, like, say, joining a support group and meeting  
males who are struggling with the same childhood experiences you have been.


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Re: Running a website anonymously

GreyWyvern wrote:
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I think, on the face of what little information she has given, I agree.
The whole thing sounds rather weird. Is this what they're calling
closure these days?


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Re: Running a website anonymously

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 22:45:24 +0100, SpaceGirl

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The whole thing stinks of scam to me.


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Re: Running a website anonymously

As a survivor of child sexual abuse myself, and also a previous owner
of a porn site, (as a female) let me tell you now that covering the
costs of the material alone will run you into expenses that banner ads
are not going to pay for.

Hosting is simple, use who will happily host adult sites
and give you more bandwidth than you need.

Anonimity is also simple if you opt for anon domain registration.

Ultimately though, with your fears, and current attitude, you will
attract exactly that which you do not want.

Either get real with yourself and admit that you are exploring areas
of sexualtiy that you are afraid to disclse your interest in, or
forget the whole idea. The only way that you will find closure is
through self acceptance.

Re: Running a website anonymously

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