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Greetings One and All

Have you got an RSS feed running from your site?  Are you sure you're  
giving your public what they want?

Subscribing to several (as I'm sure many of us do) gives an insight into  
the way site managers regard their visitors.

Some of the samll sites have just one feed and dump everything (even  
trival site updates) into it - rapidly decreasing the signal-to-noise  
ratio.  Others manage to separate their technical insights from the gossip  
and chit chat and importantly, other projects - thank you.

Larger sites with many feeds don't seem to do much better - take a massive  
site like the BBC, they have many feeds[1] but I get the impression it was  
a struggle and the developers have gladly signed off on that project and  
moved on.

Particularly irritating is their 'Technology' feed which I signed up to  
 from an article about the impact of some web technology.  Now, all the  
other stuff may be interesting on a slow day but it certainly isn't on my  
'must-read' list.

Is it beyond the wit of man to supply tightly focused feeds to those that  
want them and grouped feeds to others with wider interests?

Honestly chaps (and chapesses too) I will not drop your feed just because  
you don't update it every day/week/whatever - keep it on-topic, keep it  
interesting and I will keep checking for updates - I promise.

By all means use the target web pages to advertise your other feeds but  
please please please, unless I know you personally, I really don't care  
about your cat/car/child and neither do I care much that a games console  
manufacturer has released a "one-handed joypad" [sic] "Motion sensors on  
the controller translate its movements into game action"[2] - the mind  
truly boggles especially in the light of recent news about 'hidden'  
pornographic content in some console game.  These things are all of some  
peripheral interest but it really would be smart if you could focus your  

Thank you for reading.

William Tasso

Re: RSS - feeds for business - more thoughts

William Tasso wrote


I don't use them.  I don't offer them, and I don't subscribe to any.  
That's not to say I won't do so at some point, just haven't had a reason
to do so as yet.

BBC for example.  I've got that on a toolbar bookmark, check it
regularly, don't feel the need for a fed.

John made some good points about them, mainly overkill, or "feed

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It was interesting.  Thank you very much.

Charles Sweeney

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