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Hi peeps,

I've never had anything to do with RSS feeds. How do you implement them on a
webpage? Is it just a matter of an <include> statement?


Paul watt

Re: RSS feeds

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Depends on the format and so-forth.

Generally, you just put something like this in the header of your
HTML file:

  <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="My Title"

For parsing them to be shown in a web page, you can use XSLT or a library
to parse them, in perl XML::RSS is handy.

The thing to be wary of is the type of feed, as there are several of them out
there. If you know it's RSS 2.0 in advance, you'll be way ahead. Unfortunately,
this isn't always so..

You really shouldn't just include them each time a page is loaded as it'll
bandwidth, make your RSS provider(s) unhappy and cause pages to load slow. You
might use something like XML::RSS to pre-parse an RSS feed from say, a cron
and then insert the parsed results into your page. That way, you're only hitting
them once every day (or however often you fetch the feed) and your page will load

For reading them:

Here's my "cheap-o RSS reader"

I have it set to post RSS feeds to a local news server, along with other
logs and so-forth. So I can read news with.. well.. a news reader.

-- Custom web programming
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Re: RSS feeds

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