RSS feed.. now what?

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Ok, so, I made an RSS feed. Put a couple items in it and added one of those
"add this page to" type buttons.

I'm wondering.. why did I do that? How exactly do I arrange to have this feed
actually utilized by someone or something? (I kinda doubt anyone would actually
add me to their yahoo page, it's not a blog or a news site)

It does update every so often and I do get tired of adding listings to
directories. Any way to arrange for it to be found by listing directories,
adding <category domain="">Their/Category/System</category> type
elements? (Silly question I know, but it seems like the sort of thing an
RSS feed would be well suited toward despite the fact that very few feeds
I've seen actually use a category element)

There must be a thousand "feedster" type places, I can't possibly add to all
of them.

Basically.. now what?

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Re: RSS feed.. now what?

Jamie wrote:
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You could use your RSS feed to submit URLs from your website
to search engines,
like Google (via Google Sitemaps or Google Base), or Yahoo.

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