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just made a new rpg website using phaos script,
anyone interested please go to
thank you.

Re: rpg website

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Interesting site. Took a while before I realised the : was missing though.
You may want to rethink what URLs you are using - there are several showing
up in the address bar.

All I get is a single picture box in the middle of a big white screen
demanding a username and password. Without having some idea what the site is
about I didn't feel particularly inclined to submit my details to create an

As this is a webmaster newsgroup I assume you are posting here for webmaster
style critique and comment so here goes:

1 - Personally, I would put more content available to non-registered users
and get in on the home page. The page people arrive at is the critical one
to keep them on your site. If I had landed there doing a (for example)
Google search for RPGs, there is no incentive for me to stay and investigate
your site. I am faced with a door and no reason to go beyond it. NOTE: this
doesn't apply if you are really just aiming this site at a close circle of
friends or to support a real world product.

2 - Being of the curious type, I had to investigate some more and it turns
out the requirement to register for the content only happens on the index
page - which makes it more unusual. If you go to
http://www.worldofphaos.com/index.php?site=online_rpg&id=12 (for example) it
bypasses the user registration demands. I would suggest you review your
reasons for having a registration page.

3 - Once past the main door, the site looks ok but a bit similar to other
RPG / Game Clan sites though. The dark green on black with white text is ok
and the text is quite contrasted to the backgrounds but the overall "feel"
tends to be a bit.... old fashioned for want of a better phrase. Hopefully,
someone here will come up with something more eloquent.

4 - site works well without images turned on (which is good), but that is
because you only use 1 image. Without JavaScript turned on your site
vanishes (IE6 on WinXP), and I presume this is down to the strange method
you seem to have used to protect your content. Its ok though, all I did to
capture the content in plain HTML was go into my cache, open the file and
run the script again. This sort of thing provides no real protection to you
and just embuggerates approximately 10% of the potential browsers (based on
stats in .NET magazine).

5 - Site looks very similar in FF, although there are some oddities about
font sizes its nothing to get worked up about.

6 - Site works ok without CSS involved, and in fact it seems CSS is only
used to put the dark green background on and make the URL links look like
plain text. Makes me suspect you could do with reviewing the site logic -
think about separating content from presentation to make future updates

7 - Although I don't think you are that concerned, the HTML is far from
http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http://maxhits.webpal.info /

8 - Branding. There is no reason I have to think you are a legit site and
not an attempt to fish peoples usernames and passwords from
www.worldofphaos.com. Your site carries a lot of the hallmarks of the fake
bank/paypal/eBay sites there are. Assuming you are legit, you may want to
review how you brand the site and what you put on the index to reassure

Hope this helps :-)

Re: rpg website

shaunbt wrote:
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Signed up and logged in, but not entirely sure what I'm meant to be
doing.....Is it like a role playing game?....Some instructions or an FAQ
would be helpfull.....

Re: rpg website

Fleeing from the madness of the NTL jungle
and said:

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Generating reports?


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don't you have access to any pre-teens?

William Tasso

Save the drama
for your Mama.

Re: rpg website

William Tasso wrote:
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A shining example of my ignorance, LOL

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Afraid not....Messers Glitter and Jackson have got them all....

Re: rpg website

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I got the feeling the real site was where the game was at - but never
bothered signing up. That maxhits site just seemed odd as every proper page
was on different domains.

Makes you wonder if shaunbt will be back...

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