Round two : Big fonts viewable (I hope)

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Hi group,

For those of you who steered me towards making my sight more viewable in the
larger font size, I thank you for the nightmare fixing it turned out to
be............ just kidding :)

Ok see how I got on, have tried in all browsers and increased big big big.

I have one hic up though.
IE is throwing the content down under the menu in all pages. For that reason
I can not put it up so I have put index page and css in a temp folder.
Obviously I need a hand with this. I had this before and someone in here
told me to add:
to the container. But then that creates that scroll bar you did not like.
So please any ideas to fix this.

Thank you as always


Re: Round two : Big fonts viewable (I hope)

JennyLee wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Dunno. The page is so fragile that even the act of downloading it to my
local file system to play with it fixed your bug.

I do notice something thought:

Your CSS is <shout> *WAY* </shout> too verbose. You seem to have invented a
style rule for each and every element within your HTML. This is not the way
to do it. Given this site to fix the first thing I would to would be to
delete the CSS file and start again. Sorry but that's MHO :-)

The first C in CSS is for cascade. Specify things at the top of the DOM
(the body) and progressivly redefine them *as needed*.

Two things:

Your bug goes away when I enlarge my canvas to about 2000 pixels wide.

I am very suspicious of that width: 80% in your content rule. That is not
the way a standard liquid two column page is layed out. The content div
should have no width (so it uses the entire viewport) but has a margin-left
so it avoids the left hand column.

I see other width's in there as well. I suspect that you have elements
within elements where the total width of the content div is too big for IE
to layout beside the nav div.

Put margins around everything:
* {border: solid 2px green;}
at the *end* of your CSS file. That way you will see where your elements
are going and hopefully why.


Re: Round two : Big fonts viewable (I hope)

Hi Jenny,

I am the person who told you to add the 1000px width the first time.  I
agree that your css is kind of a mess, but it will get better with
time.  The 1000px before just locked down the size of the div that
holds your left menu and your gigantic picture.  That is what stopped
it from pushing the content under the left nav.

I don't have the time to look at it again, but Richards comments look
right on target.  Maybe set each with to auto and see where every
element naturally lies.  This might give you a hint of what is causing
the problem.

Good luck!

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