Rookie questions re indexing

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I recently published my first website to thenet and understand it
takes awhile to be indexed.  I=B4m probably not being patient enough, as
it=B4s only been about a week with no results, but I=B4m starting to
believe I did something seriously "not so search engine friendly."
What next?  Wait a while longer or get the site looked at by a

Any advise would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Re: Rookie questions re indexing

TheTripmeister wrote:
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A week is definately not long enough. Wait at least a couple of months
before starting to worry.

That said, how are you identifying whether your site is indexed or not?
Your server logs? Or actually trying to find the site in the engines?

Did you submit your site to the engines through their submission tools?
It can be difficult to get a new site indexed without any inbound
links. The engines don't consider such a site very useful, and
sometimes won't even list it.


Re: Rookie questions re indexing


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Just submit the site to the search engines through their "Add URL" or
equivalent, and in Google's case add a sitemap also (see Google for
details) then you can see what Google has indexed etc etc.

No need to be conned into buying inbound links.


Re: Rookie questions re indexing

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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To get listed you need at least one link from a page that is already  
spidered[1] - having said that, others report good results from using the  
site-submission tool(s) provided by each search engine.

To maintain a good result in serps requires considerable ongoing effort if  
you are in a competitive industry.

Page-Rank is largely immaterial on its own, but is an indication of how  
important inbound links have become.

A URL would help diagnose if you have created a spider friendly site or  

[1] patience is required, some pages are only spidered once every few  
William Tasso

Re: Rookie questions re indexing

On 5 Dec 2006 07:15:52 -0800, "TheTripmeister"

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For heaven's sake, don't any of you ever read ANY of the posts here?

Look, just read this:

and then this:

Then come back and say "thank you, Matthew"

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr <bg>


Re: Rookie questions re indexing

Matt Probert schrieb:

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Chill Brother Matt, I mentioned I=B4m a rookie, didn=B4t I?  Thanks for
your easy to send links!

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