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I read about robots exclusion here

I am wondering how are search engine bots implemented. Lets assume, I
have Disallow: /foobar in the robots.txt. On the main page of my site,
I link to content say /foobar/pictures.html

So will the search engine bot index /foobar/pictures.html or not ? If
not, does it mean that during the entire period of crawling, it
maintains the information that it has read in robots.txt ?

Thank you for your time.

Re: robots.txt - Question

On Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:42:41 -0000, khabri put finger to keyboard and

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It won't, if it correctly follows the standards.

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It should cache the contents of robots.txt at the start of every crawl
and obey it thereafter, until it next checks it.

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Re: robots.txt - Question

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Mark Goodge is correct; correctly programmed bots should not access that

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It's up to the bot how often they re-read your robots.txt file. Note
that you can send an 'Expires' header along with your robots.txt file
and it *should* be respected. (No guarantees, though!)

Good luck

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