Rip Java applet from a web site

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Hi All

Is it possible to rip a java applet from a web site?

The applet in question is:

<applet archive="swing.jar,NGZoomApplet.jar" code="NGZoomApplet.class"
codebase="/applets"  width="776" height="400">
<param name="ZoomImage" value='/WebMedia/Images/66/NG66/zNG66.jpg'>
<param name="ImageMap" value='/WebMedia/Images/66/NG66/iNG66.jpg'>

I can get the swing.jar, the NGZoomApplet.jar and the piccies, but I can't
get hold of the .class file.  Without this the whole thing doesn't work, but
why can't I find it in the URL?

Surely the .jar files are in the same place as the .class files, but I can
only download the .jar ones.

Any ideas?


Re: Rip Java applet from a web site

Newbie wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It could be in a jar file someplace, or it could be loaded from some
java include path on the server.

Why not just ask the webmaster for it?

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