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Hi All

Noticed that a lot of sites provide sort of HTML based forms nowadays where
you can actually change the text colour and format in the actual text box
rather than encapsulate them in tags (albeit HTML or bespoke ones).

What amazes me more is that they appear to me no more than ASP and HTML to
generate the effect.  No bespoke plugin in sight!

How are they doing this?

I've created a mickey mouse content management system and at present the way
that the user can format the content is pretty sparse, ie they can
encapsulate text with <B>, <I>, <U>.

What I would like to offer is a form that enables them to change (and see)
the colours and styles change as they do it and if poss add pictures (which
have already been uploaded to the site) and table formatting so that they
can at least put together a 2 or 3 columnar layout.  OK the picture thing
might be asking a bit much, but I'd like to do the others.

Has anybody got any pointers or code on how to do this?

Many thanks.



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