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Hi All,

Im wondering if some of you can review my site and let me know of any
good and bad points, and what you feel could be done to improve it.

Its an E-Commerce site I set up in Feb 2006 with just a couple of
product groups. At that time I wasn't aiming at selling anything just
tinkering and making sure everything was in place and in the search
engines for when I had the time and money to put into making it a full
time thing.
Well that time is nearly upon me and Im worried about my tons of
Suplimental Listings.
Id like to get them out of supplimental or at least find out where Im
going wrong before I add the rest of my products as I dont want to be
re-entering everything again if Ive made some mistake in how I enter
the copy etc.

My main url page has a pr of 4 and my main categories pr3 but it dosnt
seem to be passing any lower than that, certainly not it seems to my
product pages.

My site is

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated.



Re: Review my site please

On Sat, 23 Jun 2007 10:04:55 -0700, ""

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What's it about? The front page is a standard template, but I have
little idea of the purpose of the site.


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Re: Review my site please

On Jun 23, 2:04 pm, ""
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Review the logo. Don't put the fixed measures ( width and height )
<img src="images/m01.gif" alt="logo" border="0" height="58"
width="279">. Or build it with the exact measures that you want. Don't
forget the descriptive ALT TAG.

Re: Review my site please

On Jun 25, 4:02 am, ""
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Ahh, I think you will find that placeing the width and hight for
images is vital as web browsers (UA's) are no good at sizeing
graphics. You also need to specify a unit for any number other then
"0". Might I suggest that you read the NG for a month or so before
posting. Oh and this is not a Google Group, it's Usenet.

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The alt tag in this case is required as it describes (not very
descriptivly mind you) the content of the image. All images that are
used for deceration though should be placed in the CSS as background
Regards Chad.

Re: Review my site please

Very nice, pleasant colors theme, easy to read, clear and not too much

On Jun 23, 10:04 am, ""
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Re: Review my site please

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The first thing I noticed was your logo:

It almost appears the logo was created with one of the first versions of
"Paint". It kind of turned me off and it made me feel like the site might be
a cheap operation (I am not saying it is). A cheap looking operation is
something I am definitely trying to avoid on my site.

Also, I think someone else mentioned that the site didn't really explain too
much of what you are all about. Perhaps that word would be content?

I looked at your meta tags. The title tag just has your company name in it.
I'm a newbie, but from what I have read so far, I understand it's important
to get a bit more information about what you do, your products, etc. in that
tag. Because isn't the title the first thing your potential customers will
see in a search result?

Other than that, your site, to me, looks clean and professional.


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