Reverse DNS

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I'm still tweaking a new server, and now comes the point where I set up Reverse
DNS. My last 2 servers, the management company did this for me, but now it's on

I can set it up through the management company's GUI, so that's good, except
that I have no idea what to put!

In the GUI, I select the Vlan, and beneath that it says:

IP Address:
  IP Filter: [input]

Reverses to:
  Search: [input]
  Replace: [input]


  Set TTL: [input]

[Save records]

(where, obviously, [input] represents an <input type="text"> box, and [Save
records] represents a submit button)

Then, beneath that is another form that says:

If you wish to add an individual PTR record you may add it using the following

IP Address: [input]
Reverses To: [input]
TTL: [input]

[Add record]

OK, so, now what? Am I changing something to be saved, or adding a new record?
Either way, how do I know what to enter? The whole thing is about as clear as
mud to me :-)

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