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Hi all,

I am looking to purchase some good practical books on web design.  So
filled with lots of good exercises.  Also, would like if they were up-
to-date and relevant.  So CSS3 and HTML 5 would be taken into

Any suggestions?



Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

Andy wrote:

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Look online, and it's free.  All of the books I've ever seen related to
web design, HTML, CSS, etc. are usually pretty out of date by a couple
of years or more.  All of the free documentation exists online with the
effort of searching with a few common key words.  If there were good
books that were up to date now, or wouldn't be so out of date in a year
or two, I'd buy some myself.

Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

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The problem I have found with books is that the information in them is
dated before you even get them home.

Your best bet for CSS3 and HTML5 is to read the specs.  Some of the
browsers are implementing portions of each, and you might find
information on the browser's web site.  I know that Opera is rendering
some of the new input attributes of HTML5.

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Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

Andy wrote:
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Being a book-lover myself, I hate to say it, but... books aren't really
a good medium for learning this stuff. They're out-of-date by the time
they are printed, and to be quite honest, I've never met one (of this
genre) that wasn't filled with inaccuracies. I recommend this site, instead:

* /


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Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

David J. Hennessy wrote:

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Others would say there are as many inaccuracies at that site as any of
those books...

And it is a technical reference, not about web *design*.

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Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

Andy wrote:
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Sorry I'm late to this - I'm way behind on reading this newsgroup.

I agree with the others about how quickly books go out of date. However,
books are great for learning.

I've really had good luck with a publisher called Friendsof. The
following titles aren't CSS3/HTML5 specific but they are excellent in
laying the foundation for good design practice (I suggest these or
looking for more current works by the same authors):

Web Standards Solutions, Dan Cederholm, Friendsof

DOM Scripting, Jeremy Keith, Friendsof

CSS Mastery, Andy Budd, Friendsof

High Performance Websites, Steve Souders, O'Reilly

There is a follow up book by Steve Souders called 'Even Faster
Websites'. It has a chapter by Nicole Sutherland who champions a
technique she calls 'Object Oriented CSS'. This to me looks like 'The
Answer'. In this chapter she points to the following article which while
dated is still relevant and very helpful:

One last suggestion. Twitter is an excellent tool for keeping up with
the ever faster flow of this field.

Good luck and happy coding!

Tom Bannister /

Re: Resources - Books for Web Design

On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 11:42:20 GMT, Tom Bannister

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I enjoyed reading "Bullet Proof Web Design" and the just released book
from the same author, "Handcrafted CSS".


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