REQUEST_URI incorrect input to error doc

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I deduce that something changed on the server that my site is on, but I
apparently need to give specific guidance to the ISP in order to get it

I have a custom 404 error page which uses SSI #echo directives to plug
in some information for the user about what they requested [REQUEST_URI]
and (if available) where they requested it from [HTTP_REFERER].

REQUEST_URI used to work, i.e. it contained the name of the page that
was not found.  Now, it always returns the URI of the error page itself:
404.shtml.  This is true whether the error resulted from clicking on a
bad link or typing a bad URL on the address bar of the browser.

Any Apache gurus know what could have been done at the server to cause
this?  I just buy space, so I don't know how the server is configured,
but I suspect it is multiple domains on a single box.  The ISP support
staff was over their head.

Chris Beall

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