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I am setting up a web site for a company that wants to provide a web site
for each of its distributors. I am looking for a way to create a backend
for auto creating websites.  

is there some open source software or fairly cheap commercial software or
is it always custom made?

It mainly for a shopping cart, is there a cart available that allows for
duplicating itself but still using the same database for keeping track of
order and stock?


Re: replicating website software

Bacchus wrote:
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What do you mean by "the same database"?  Do you want all distributors
to work off of a single database, or are you going to copies of the same
database on every site?

There isn't that much to autocreating a website.  Upload the files,
create and load the database and you're ready to go.  The only
difference could be the url of the site, and that's easily handled by a
configuration file and a little server-side programming.

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Re: replicating website software

On Wed, 07 May 2008 13:58:25 -0400, Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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yes, one database, from one company selling the same products. The front
end just has to be on a different sub domain for marketing purposes for
the distributors who can't afford to buy their own domain or understand
what is meant by a domain.

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I have seen some back ends to some firms where the admin can click a few
buttons and the new website is created as a sub of the main account
(stupid way to have a free web site), template driven of course. I saw no
name on the site or in the code, and assume they must have been custom

So I am trying to find something similar if possible as a canned package.
It is for a client (running a large company) who just bought a computer
for himself and is just learning how to send email. Any process over
three steps goes over his head. Four steps and he is breathing hard and
five steps, well, he looks like he going to have a heart attack.
Unfortunately, he is like most computer users.

I have been in the oscommerce site and apparently is can be replicated
and pull from the same database. I just need to make it all menu driven.


Re: replicating website software

Helaman wrote:
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OK, you're going to be looking at something custom, but it wouldn't be
hard.  In fact, if they're all on the same server, you should be able to
set it up to use the same files - just an individual configuration file
for each subdomain.  A little HTML and a bit of a server-side language
such as PHP or Perl will get most of it.

The only thing you might have trouble with would be the name server.
You could use a wildcard, i.e. *, but I'd suggest not (what
happens if someone keys in a bad subdomain name?).  But even if your
nameserver doesn't have an API available, a little cURL should do it.

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