repeated partial downloads

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Good day,

We've been trying to figure out how to prevent this strange occurrence
that is using terabytes of bandwidth each month.

Each month multiple visitors with different IP addresses in China
download large parts of some ~100MB files thousands of times. This all
occurs in a matter of hours. They never reuse an IP address.

Has anyone else seen this? What do you do about it without limiting
legitimate downloaders? The files in question are our open source

We've got plenty of bandwidth, so we don't want to rate limit the
total bandwidth of the server. We recognize that multiple
people(sometimes entire countries) can use a single IP address, so we
can't limit the number of simultaneous connections.

The tools we have available are the webserver running apache 2.2
fedora core 5 and an up-to-date OpenBSD firewall. What can we put on
these to stop this?

Thank you,

Re: repeated partial downloads

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Has anyone else seen this? What do you do about it without limiting
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: repeated partial downloads

Quoted text here. Click to load it
So if I understand you correctly, you have some 100+ Mb files that are being
repeatedly partially downloaded?  Is it the same file?  Is it possible that
these are re-started/resumed downloads?

Since you can identify them as "chinese" one solution would be to exclude
all chinese addresses.  Are they using multiple connections?  Why would
limiting them to 4 or fewer connections be a bad idea?  Why would throttling
down the chinese downloads be a bad idea?

I know you can control the number of simultaneous connections on an Ftp
server.  I know you can control the transfer speed of a website in ms iis.
I have forgotten if you can control the max number of simultaneous
connctions from the same IP on a website in iis.

This hobby has definitely gotten away from me!
Try which has a new telnet chat system and a HUGE
file downloads collection.  Ecard:

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