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I've been with a particular registrar for four years and am kinda
having some difficulties, now.

A month before my domain was to expire, the registrar sent me an email
saying that I needed to renew.  I didn't pay much attention to this,
since I had selected the auto-payment option.  A month later, my domain
name was gone.  Apparently the credit card information they had on file
had expired and they didn't see fit to tell me (or, at the very least,
I didn't recieve any email alerting me to this fact).

Shortly after the domain expired, I tried to log into my account but
was unable to.  I thought maybe I had the worng password, so I tried to
fill out the Forgotten Password form.  A week went by, and it never
came.  I searched for a support email address to contact them with but
I could only send an email if I was signed into my account.  I didn't
call customer support because they used to charge for it.

One of the online forms said that if I was having trouble signing in, I
should update my payment information, which I did.  I thought that they
would charge their usual rate and that this would allow me to converse
with their customer support.  The next day, I got an email saying that
they had restored the domain and had charged me a $149.00 restore fee.
They justified this by quoting the EULA:

If your domain lapses for any reason and it falls within a window that
it can be restored before going back on the market, the fee for
restoration is $149.00 per domain name.

The window was 35 days.

Anyway, I did not provide my credit card information for the purposes
of renewing the domain I provided it in the hopes that it might get me

Further, since my domain name was 25 days into the 35 day period, I
would have only had to have waited 10 days before renewing the domain,
again, for the usual price.  I would have gladly done this, had I known
about it, but my registrar neglicted to tell me until after the fact.

All in all, I'm quite annoyed by this, and am considering contacting
the credit card company and asking them to cancel the payment.  Before
I do that, though, I was currious as to what the ramifications of this
might be.  Could this registrar try to sue me in small claims court?
Would they cancel my domain and put it through another 35 day waiting

Any suggestions / advice would be appreciated - thanks!

Re: registrar troubles

yawnmoth wrote:

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I run a company that takes a fair number of credit card payments over
the net.  I can tell you that if you cancel the payment, the registrar
has absolutely no leg to stand on unless they have signed authorization
for payment.  We've been burned a few times where people just didn't
feel like paying and contested the payment.  There is nothing we can do
unless we a signature.

Brian Wakem

Re: registrar troubles

and muttered...

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is forge the word you're looking for?
Doobie Doobie Do, da da di da da

Re: registrar troubles

DoobieDo wrote:
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'have' was the missing word, but forge is much better.

Brian Wakem

Re: registrar troubles

would it be wise to give the registrar a chance to take it off
themselves?  like tell them either they need to remove the charge or i
will tell my credit card company?

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