Registrar featuring human bein's ?

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In my continuing battle of bureaucracy and automated "happy eddie" computer
help systems...

I really would like to find a dns registrar service that...

\. Does domain names

\. Does name servers (if possible)

\. Does NOT offer web hosting or any other "up services" (well, smtp maybe)

What I really don't want is an automated response to every single question
complete with fancy HTML formatted email that does nothing to actually

I don't want a fancy control panel offering to sell me something every
time I load a page.

I want to be able to type in the domain.

Set the name servers

Adjust the IP settings and pretty much everything one would need to adjust when
dealing with this sort of thing, in a non-hidden, not candy-coated, nothing to
make it "easy" (although, online documentation would be good)

Basically, when I send an email, I want a reply written by a person.

I'm attempting to use 1&1.. and, could probably get my problem fixed with them,
but the way they're apparently 100% AI-staff.. I get worried if I'll ever
run into some special circumstance.

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Re: Registrar featuring human bein's ?

Fleeing from the madness of the AT&T jungle
and said:

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Have you considered running your own name servers?

Failing that I do recommend using name servers from a company NOT  
associated with your registrar.

William Tasso

Re: Registrar featuring human bein's ?

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I considered that, but.. don't really want to pay rent on two IP numbers.

Thanks for the tip though, that does make sense.

Actually, the name servers aren't that huge a concern, it's the registrar
itself that is the problem. I'm just having second thoughts on 1&1 after
the latest round of automated messages. I get the feeling they're too "big"

-- Custom web programming
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Re: Registrar featuring human bein's ?

On Wed, 22 Nov 2006 18:54:52 GMT, Jamie put finger to keyboard and

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Find yourself a small organisation that resells OpenSRS. You'll get
all the control panel functionality you need, plus the chances are it
will be a human on the other end of the support email. And you're
protected against the reseller going out of business or playing the
silent trick with you as you'll always be able to go over their head
direct to OpenSRS if necessary. The only downside is that the prices
won't be the best on offer, but with domain registration so cheap
anyway that's not a major issue if you only want a few domains.

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