Registering a .IT domain for a USA business

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I see that it is possible now for a non-EU business to register a
European domain name - in my case, .IT (italy) - through sites like, which act as your agent to satisfy the requirement of having
a physical presence in Europe.

I would like to know the following if any of you are knowledgable
about this (and can manage to wade through the spam in this newsgroup
to find my post!):

1) Which are reputable/disreputable? I have the following list so far: (cheapest so far) (very expensive!)

should I include any on this list or exclude any of the above?

2) are there any possible pitfalls with having the domain name
registered in the name of the business acting as an agent for the US

3) About what should I be paying for 1 year's registration? So far the
cheapest I found was at 12 euros for 1 year.

Any other hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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