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Hi Guys,

I need your help. I am doing a project to refersh a few websites, as
is normally done every year. I was wondering if any of you are
currently or expecting to be engaged in refershing Websites. What are
you doing new this year, vs. last year, and any suggestions on any new
tools/products that I could use this year.  I will also appreciate, if
you could point me to some good refershed websites. - Thanks for
helping me out


Re: Refresh Websites

David wrote:
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F5 is the best tool.

Re: Refresh Websites

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 16:06:41 -0700, G writ:

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I thought F8 was the refersh key.

Results 1 - 20 of about 640 for define refersh. (0.23 seconds)

Did you mean: define refresh  

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Re: Refresh Websites

David wrote:
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I find Windex and a soft rag does wonders.

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Re: Refresh Websites

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David, the web is not some kind of fation exerbition .
In short just because a new tool is availible you should not use it (just
because you can).
Use the correct tool for the job when considering a new design and new
What target market do your sites try to reach, eg are you designing websites
for local bands, or are they just information based sites?

Regards Chad.

Re: Refresh Websites

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Although sometimes new technology is cool ...

It depends on the site completely, blogs, video, podcasts, forums, XML
feeds are all great but of course ONLY if you should use them ...
horses for courses...

The one thing I do reccomend is using Google analytics!

Hope that helps

Gerry White

Re: Refresh Websites

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I've done this loads of times, never done it well.

The industry standard practice is to piss moneey all over the problem,
effectively re-developing an existing site entirely from scratch. This
is obviously expensive. Even better is to change underlying CMS
platform, so you can have a huge ETL problem in moving the content
across too. Then you end up with the "first project on a new platform"
problem, so the reworked site looks terrible anyway.

This is stupid, but that's web-company management for you   8-(

What's _supposed_ to happen is that you lightly re-skin the
presentation only, so as to make the site look fresh and new, whilst
not having to do any work at all with the underlying content layers.

This depends on the pre-condition of having a CMS (program or manual
process) that supports doing this! You have to have such a system in
place _first_, i.e. bbefore the earlier "stale" system was put

If you have a visually stale system that's also incapable of
supporting useful re-skinning, then you _must_ fix that problem before
re-skinning it.

If you don't fix this first, then you can't re-style the site - you
can only re-develop it from scratch. The end result might look the
same, but the costs don't.

If you have a system that's incapable of re-skinning and needs visual
re-design, then you should the lack of skinning ability before the re-
design, probably as simultaneous pieces of work. This is still
expensive (it's still a re-development) but _hopefully_ you're now in
a better position and the 3rd design re-skinning in the future will
now be cheap.

The risk is that the "change the platform to make the future better"
requirement gets forgotten and that it turns into merely another
expensive platform change for no benefit. That's pointless, but
depressingly common practice.

Re: Refresh Websites

Andy Dingley wrote:
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Yes, that is / was one of the good things I liked about Mambo and I
presume Joomla would be similar.
However the quality of such templates was / is something else.

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Well, that's unless your doing the re-design yourself, then you only
have the cost of time (but as they say, time is money).

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But with the amount of free CMS's around now a days surely it would
not be that expensive *but very much a time waster though.
Regards Chad.

Re: Refresh Websites

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Heineken. Refreshes the web sites other beers cannot reach.


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