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I was looking at referrers for a site, and noticed that there are
referring pages listed that don't have a link to the site in question.
However, these are sites that are similar to the page in question
(i.e. a resume page, and referrers were other computer geek resume

Are there web browsers out there that send a referrer to a site
without a link involved?

I know web proxy software can fake these referrering URL's, but it'd
be odd for this many people visiting my resume to have a web proxy
configured to point to their own resume as a referrer.  It seems more
likely that some recruiter out there has a broken web browser?

Anyone know more?

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: referrer log question

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not 'know'  but a Q for you ...

Are the refered resumes on personal sites or part of a resume  
holding/publishing service?

William Tasso

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Re: referrer log question

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Most are on personal sites like my own.  It's weird.  

Todd H. /

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