Referall fees for an asp?

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I am an asp (application service proider). I sell my hosted software to
customers for a monthly fee. Each customer usually signs on for a 4
year contract.  How much should the referall/ finder fee be? In
real-estate they say 1 month's rent, but does that assume only a 1-year

Also what about reselling? How does that work? With reselling the
reseller would probably end of getting a lot more than "1 month's rent"
but I would still be the one doing all the work, i.e development and
maintenance and tech. support.

Re: Referall fees for an asp?

 From the relative comfort of the boardroom,  
news:alt.www.webmaster and said:

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depends how much work a referer puts in to making the sale for you.  I  
give one chap a bottle of Scotch every Christmas, others can earn upto  
50%.  Usual is between 5% and 30% - as I said: it depends.

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No kidding

hrmm - and the actual selling doesn't count as work?

if it bothers you, find a way to give folk a volume discount and let them  
mark up your services as suits their business model.

Whatever you do - do something.

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