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Good afternoon,

I have recently accuried webspace and setup my domain to point to it. I
have also registered a couple of other domains and have them sharing this
space as subdomains (e.g. site A is in the webspace root, Site B domain is
directed to a subfolder, and site C domain has another subfolder).

I wish to direct my main domain, so that visitors to this address are
directed straight into a subfolder named main, as this is where i have
installed my CMS package. how do i go about doing this? i have tried to
setup redirects, but this seems to affect my other subdomains?

Hope someone can advise please.

Many Thanks
Mike A
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Re: Redirection question

Mike Angove wrote:
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If the other domains are separately registered, they're not "subdomains"
(at least, they're not subdomains of your first domain; technically
speaking, all domains are subdomains since they're subordinate to the
root).  If you have the domain "", then "" and
"" are subdomains of it, and "" and
"" are subdomains of "" and
"" respectively.  However, "" and
"foo.example" are separate domains that are not subdomains of any of the
earlier-named ones.

However, the subdomain / separate domain status of the domains is
irrelevant to Web server configuration; whether they are related or
separate, they can be set up as separate virtual domains pointing at
entirely different resources on the server.  If it is an Apache server,
and you have access to the configuration file for it, you can add
entries to the "Virtual host" section for each domain.

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That's easy in most Web servers; simply set up a different document root
for each.  You can then put separate .htaccess files in each document
root that cause such things as rewrite rules that act only on that
domain and not the others.

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