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Hey all,
I've built a small website and bought a web address (
I'm using my school server as a hosting server cause they can give it
to me for free (not spending +5$ a month can sometime help...).
Anyway, I understood that I can somehow use the address I bought as
the address of the website (and not "

My question, if you will be kind enough to help me with it, is how do
I do that (connecting one to the other)?
I'd like the entire website to be shown under "" or
have it parted to,, etc.

Thank you from ahead (ree-translated from Hebrew...)

Re: Redirecting web addresses and ip things... wrote:
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The first thing you'll need to do is to get your school's system
administrator to set up the webserver to handle requests for your new

Then you need to set up domain name servers (DNSs) to point to your
schools webserver's ip address, and your domain to use the appropriate DNSs.

The domain and webserver you already have.  Your domain registrar may
have DNS's for you.  Otherwise, you can get DNS's free at several
places.  I typically use and/or for free

If you use your registrar's DNS, your domain will probably be set up to
point to those DNS's (but it wouldn't hurt to check it out).  If not,
you'll have to sign up for one of the above (or others).  They will give
you the DNSs to use and help you (a little) to set up the domain pointers.

Then you need to go to your registrar and set up your domain to point to
the DNS's you got above.

I know this is sketchy - but without more details (such as your
registrar), it's hard to give more specifics.

And it sounds a little complicated, and it probably is the first time.
But once you've got it right it's pretty easy.

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