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Please be nice, I'm a bit new to this!

I have a small website for the business I have, and I use a particular
domain name which reflects the business name.

I own a few other domain names which are not unrelated to the type of
business and was wondering what would be the repercussions of me having
redirection pages at these names which redirect to the main site.

I'm concerned that I don't fall foul of search engine rules or

Should I be concerned?

What would be the appropriate way to deal with this?

Hope it makes sense!

Thanks in advance.

Re: Redirecting from other domains to main site

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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How do you do?

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ok - then my first advice is to find yourself a nice newsreader, a decent  
news server and then shun that erzatz interface provided by the evil  
empire (hey, they were the ones that brought it up).  Web interfaces to  
usenet stink.

So, pull up a comfey chair, crack open a cold one and tell all about your  

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Good start.

What do you mean by redirection?  if you mean some trickery that serves up  
a different page to se bots than the page that punters see then you will  
deserve all you get.

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Header: 301 Moved Permanently - is a reasonable choice

Alternatively if your main site is focused on the serious business of the  
supply and distribution of blue widgets then I see no harm in using one of  
the other domains to build a site about ...
o the history of blue widgets
o blue widgets in action
o widgets - how to spot real blues
o blue widgets and the single girl

... with links in appropriate places to your sales site.

William Tasso

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