redirect directive deprived. Need some directions.

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HI yall.

I have a small problem(relative). I revamped our company website and
applied some information architecture in accordance with seo standards.
What I did was I changed the URL structures for example: is now and then This allows
me to better structure all the devisions of our company into seperate
folder etc etc. The problem is that some of our pages have been getting
us a lot of hits from SE's and we have a lot of websites that links to
pages other than our home page. I did a Google search on 301 redirects
and follow the instructions. My .htaccess file have the following
Redirect permanent optimization.htm
Redirect permanent events.htm
I tested this and the redirect did not work. Accoriding to SEO
standards, the meta refresh tag is frowned upon by bots, making this
not an option. I dont want to make way with my already good rankings on
SE's as this will cost a lot of valuable traffic.
What now??

Re: redirect directive deprived. Need some directions.

john456fx wrote:

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I disagree.  Look at #1 on google for 'cv search', the url displayed
is /search which is just a 0 second meta refresh to the real page.

Brian Wakem

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