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Hi all,

I have a couple of websites and several domains and am in need of a
good weblog. I have been aware of the possibility of viruses being a
concern. Mainly my concern now is just to settle on a host, and stay
there. I would like for the host to have either PHP or ASP
capabilities. Money is limited now, but would be able to afford a
monthly fee of around $10 / month. I also would like to keep all of my
domains in one place, and stay organized.


Re: recommendation

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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how many is 'all'?

is your budget 'per domain' or for 'all'?

most paid hosting plans have ASP or PHP - some have both.

Blogging vulnerabilities are a can of worms, but not so numerous as forum  

Rolling your own with some modicum of skill almost ensures your site will  
be ignored by scripties as there's very little mileage to be made from  
hacking just one site.

William Tasso

whither a trophy?

Re: recommendation

William Tasso wrote:
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I have about three domains that I'd like to use, or two at the most. It
can be ASP or PHP, depending on availability and functionality.
Eventually I want to have one domain with my last name included. The
main thing I'd need scripting for is a feedback form and a weblog.
Forums are also a possibility.  Have been trying various blogs, mainly
I'd like it to look like the rest of the site.

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