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Re: Recommend graphic editors? wrote:

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The GIMP can and does compete with Photoshop, and indeed outshines it in
many areas.

Film GIMP / CinePaint (a fork of the GIMP with a few extra features[1] to
make it more suitable for high-end video editing) has been used in the
production of the following feature films[2]:

    * Spider-Man
    * The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    * The Last Samurai
    * Blue Crush
    * 2 Fast, 2 Furious
    * Harry Potter
    * Cats & Dogs
    * Dr Dolittle 2
    * Little Nicky
    * The Grinch
    * Stuart Little I & II
    * Planet of the Apes

Why? Because film studios are increasingly using[3] Linux desktops for CGI
work and film touch-ups. Film studios have never really used Windows much
(it's never been a competitor because of its poor memory handling) --
they've been moving from various proprietary versions of Unix, especially
HPUX and SGI. Linux is fast, cheap, runs on commodity hardware and does
what they need.

The GIMP runs natively on Linux, and being open source, it can be tightly
integrated with the studios' own proprietary software (and they have a
*lot* of that!). Adobe can't (or at least, don't) compete on either of
those grounds.

Also, for a casual user (a casual user that cares about staying within the
law anyway), the GIMP (£0.00) is a far more attractive prospect than paying
for Photoshop (~$500.00). Adobe can't compete in that arena either.

There are some features that Photoshop has and the GIMP doesn't, and if
you really need those features, then the GIMP is obviously not going to
satisfy you. But vice versa too -- I'd certainly never switch from the
GIMP to Photoshop.

1. e.g. 32-bit floating point values for RGB colours. This gives them a
virtually infinite colour space, instead of boring old "16.1 million

2. /

3. Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, etc -- pretty much all the major studios use
   Linux fairly extensively, though not usually exclusively. This article
   on Star Wars II covers a few of the reasons, though it should be noted
   that although they used Linux on this film, they did not use the GIMP.

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* = I'm getting there!

Re: Recommend graphic editors?

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So what? All those movies also used PhotoShop. What's your point? I
have lots of friends in the visual effects industry and the majority
use PhotoShop of matte work. GIMP (and other specialist programs) are
used as part of a workflow, not generally for creating mattes or new

Re: Recommend graphic editors?

Fat Sam wrote:
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That is a matter of opinion. I think Gimp's UI is a nightmare, and
that's being kind.

I've been using Fireworks for all my vector graphics and most photo
editing since version 2. I don't do print work or video, so this suits
my needs just fine. On those rare occasions I want some special photo
effects, I use the freeware version of PhotoFiltre.


Re: Recommend graphic editors?

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I never liked Macromedia's imaging apps (just Flash & Dreamweaver).
I've always used Adobe Illustrator for vector imaging, Form-Z for 3D,
and I used AutoCAD and many other CAD apps for 5+ years as an

I'll guess that you prefer Fireworks based on experience and
familiarity; use what works for YOU.  I've been waiting for Adobe to
do away with Fireworks and Freehand since they acquired MM - but it
seems that Adobe might keep supporting them (at least Fireworks), for

- Brett (

Re: Recommend graphic editors?

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Fireworks is actually pretty good; I use it more often when I have a
need for animated GIFs (though sometimes the effect I need would be
better accomplished by exporting a flash movie to the animated GIF, in
which case I do so). For 3D (though I very rarely make anything with
3D, and am therefore unskilled in its making), I use the Maya 7 I was
given as a gift (Student license, so I won't be selling anything I
make with it).

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