recommend articles for comparing ad networks?

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Hi, I run a content-rich site with medium-sized niche traffic under
50,000 unique visitors a month. We're trying to monetize (something we
really haven't tried before), and we're planning some expansions which
should allow more pages to advertise on. Right now it's a wordpress
blog (or group of blogs) but we plan to add another CMS (probably
drupal) behind that.

Anyway, we have a wp-specific ad plugin, so we're ready to go. But I'm
overwhelmed at the panoply of ad choices.

Can anyone recommend an ad network (or better yet, recommend an
article comparing ad networks and giving us a reasonable idea of rates
we should/could charge.

I'll tell you what I've found so far:
(is this even up to date?)
(the best thing I've found so far) / /

Thanks for your help.

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