Recommend anything better than GoogleDesktop ?

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Recommend anything better than GoogleDesktop ?

Hi Guys

I use GoogleDesktop quite a lot. And it's great - *so* much better
than the ms WindowsXP Pro's own search tool...

BUT although it's fast, I keep having to re-index it! This is because
I *manually* copy my Outlook .PST file across between my PCs (one for
home-office another PC at work-office).
And sometimes even the re-indexing fails and I have to completely
uninstall GoogleDesktop and then re-install it again.

- What do you guys use for speedy searching?
- Is there anything that will re-index without having to be told?
- Any suggestions

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. A while ago I tried a Symantec (??) equivalent but it was very
clunky and unreliable so I had to take it off.

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