Recommend a web hosting company - for a small "brochure-ware" website ?

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Can anyone recommend a web hosting company/ISP, for a small "brochure-
ware" website.

We dont need anything fancy. Price is NOT particularly important, but
customer service is.

We will need:
- c.10MB of webspace
- FTP access
- about 3 or 4 domains hosted (all redirecting to one main domain
- Basic summary of web access logs
- about 10 Email addresses (no need for POP3 - just redirecting is

Other requirements:
- It won't get much traffic (so presumably a shared server is fine)
- We wont have many pages (probably 10 to no more than 50)
- Those pages wont be particularly long or graphic heavy
- 100% up-time reliabilty isnt critical
- But good, fast customer service IS important to us.
- We wont need e-commerce nor anything fancy later
 (even a contact us form is unlikely)
- Basic functionality (e.g. setting up email fowarding probably
  needs to be able to be adjusted by us manually online.)
- Security not particularly important

That's it.

- Any recommendations?

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. My client is UK based as will be most of the audience. (But does
this matter... ? )

Re: Recommend a web hosting company - for a small "brochure-ware" website ?

ship wrote:

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Security should always be important, but I gather you just mean that
you're not concerned with a company that adds a lot of extra features
in that regard as a sales pitch.  Essentially all of your requirements
meet almost every hosting provider out there.  Your site is very
friendly in terms of requirements a web host would offer.  I don't
think you'll have a problem at all finding a decent host.  Do you have
any platform requirements or anything at all?  If not, you definitely
have a very wide range of choices.

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It shouldn't matter.  Sometimes using a provider based in the same
country or region can result in speedier response times, but it's
usually not by enough to matter, and any good provide with a good
connection and you'd not notice any problems in that regard.  It's only
an issue if there's a poor connection, and then it wouldn't matter what
country/region the servers were located.

Good luck!
Tim Greer, CEO/Founder/CTO,, Inc.
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and Custom Hosting.  24/7 support, 30 day guarantee, secure servers.
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Re: Recommend a web hosting company - for a small "brochure-ware" website ?

ship wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it is really good.

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Hmmm. A UK-based hosting company will have the same business hours
as you do, and may do better on the UK version of Google.  

Guy Macon

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