Recommend a decent synchronising utility? (For WinXP & a webserver by FTP)

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Anyone recommend a really good (preferably free) utility to
*synchronize* rather than just copy data between a PC and a Webserver?

For large (GB) straight-forward transfers, I have found Filezilla to be
pretty good (thanks W Tasso). But *synchronising* would be much quicker
better. Dreamweaver 8 seems to do this quite well... Basically you need
to be able to choose whether location A is to copy stuff over to
Location B or viceversa... or if you chose, both copy stuff in both
directions. It needs to compare dates between two files can copy

For example if any given file in location A is newer than the copy in
location B, then it should produce a list of files and say would you
like me to copy this list of files (and produce a list any individual
file of which the user can simply tick and stop it being tranferred).
BUT also if the file in Location A is OLDER than in location B, a) it
should tell you. And b) it should give you the opportunity to force the
overwriting of files albeit with an OLDER version.

Like I say Dreamweaver 8 seems to me to do this quite well. The problem
is that I dont want to set up a Dreamweaver Site every time I just want
to synch some data!

- Can anyone suggest a decent synch-ing FTP software utility?
(Preferrably either free or less that c. GBP10.00 or so...)

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. I would also like to be able to synch properly with data files on
my iPod. At the moment I use FolderMatch (v3.4.8). But, again if for
some stupid reason the file in location B is NEWER than the one you
want copied over, the file you actually want is the simply left behind
without warning!
i.e. If I can find a good FTP utility it would be great if it would
work between to Windows machines (or is this a daft question??)

Re: Recommend a decent synchronising utility? (For WinXP & a webserver by FTP)

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