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Say I had a site with a page ranking of 5, and I just set up another site,
but the only links to the site are from my site with a page ranking of 5,
does anyone know what the pagerank of the new site  will be after it has
been indexed? (on a different note, how long will that take seeing the only
links to it are from the siote with a pagerank of 5?) 0, 1 or 5??

Re: Reciprocal linking

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This is roughly the situation (based on my observations, some which might
be outdated):

A: [ <-------- 5 ----------------------> ]

B: 3 ------------> ][<-------4 ----->][ <-- 5

if A -> B

so, most likely 3 or 4, and if your 5 is close to 6 you might even see a

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The fetching by Googlebot might happen the next day. Appearing in the
index seems to take nowadays a bit more time, or maybe that's just for my
site. The public PageRank is updated once in a while, so it might be that
B has a 4, but you will only see that in the toolbar (for example) when
Google's internal PageRank has been exported to the public one.

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