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Re: Reasonable rates for bandwidth.

On Tue, 20 Feb 2007 22:05:05 +0100, Jezsta Web Productions wrote:

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Co-location isn't shared hosting. A co-location facility can't sign up
10,000 people and have them put in their gear, expecting to make up the
cost on people who aren't actually using the service.

I can drive to the facility. I can take my equipment in and out 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week. I know that no matter what time of day, I can call
and get the Network Operations Center on the line. A live (English
speaking) body will answer the phone and be genuinely helpful.

Service is worth what you pay for. I'm running an ASP business on our
servers, and while I won't say what we're making per month, it's enough
that a few bucks on bandwidth isn't a concern. I spend more on Google ads
in one week then we do for hosting our servers.

Face it. About 1/3rd of the messages in this group are people looking for
the cheapest possible hosting, while another 1/3rd are people who posted
the previous month complaining about how bad the service is. If some of
the people in this group actually thought about what poor quality hosting
service actually cost them, they'd stop buying the cheapest, and start
paying for quality service.

Look at the guy from Madagascar.  He's signed up with some
discount hosting company. The instant he starts to use significant
bandwidth, his account is canceled for abuse. Massive bandwidth
allocations are just a lie, and if you start using more bandwidth then
you're really paying for, then the vendor is going to find some way to
terminate your account.

Re: Reasonable rates for bandwidth.

On Feb 17, 10:02 am, Ignoramus23787 <ignoramus23...@NOSPAM.
23787.invalid> wrote:
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where is the colo?
the available trunks there will be who you should be checking with to
get rates.
could be anywhere from 35cents to a buck and more.

Re: Reasonable rates for bandwidth.

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Naperville, Illinois, USA. I called my current provider 20 minutes
ago, and asked them for a good quote.


Re: Reasonable rates for bandwidth.

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not sure about Zezan but IH has a few providers.
if they're set multihoned, you may have to buy from them, the
middleman, or maybe they'll let you fight it out with SBC or AT&T, but
be careful with AboveNet.

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