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I currently have a primary domain and an add on domain.
The add on domain has now become the primary because of a merger, so I
have used the redirect on each page of what use to be the primary to
the add on.

The question is, if I move the current primary to another server, can
I change the way the old primary redirects so I get better placement
for the current primary and eventually the old primary will lose it's
place in the search engines? With the current setup, that's not

Tom J

Re: Re-direct a domain

Tom J wrote:
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If you're using IIS you can go into the website properties and click ont
he 'Home Directory' tab. Then click the 'redirection to a url' radio
button and enter the url of the new primary site. Then check the 'exact
url entered above' box and the 'permanent redirection for this resource'

I don't know much about Linux web server administration.


Re: Re-direct a domain

Hi Tom -


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You need to make sure that the server is returning a 301 (Moved
Permanently) status code with the new URL.  A refresh in the META tags
won't cut it.

How you do the 301 depends on the particular server software.

With Apache you could use a single RedirectMatch directive to direct
every page to a page of the same name at the different domain.

Ken /

Re: Re-direct a domain

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Thanks, just what I was looking for. I knew the META tag was not the
way to go, but had no choice, that I found to do it any differently,
as long as they were both residing at the same address.

Now, to get it moved to it's own home!!

Tom J

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